Consignor Agreement

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Consignor Agreement


In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from The Boutique Closet (TBC) Sale, the consignor/seller agrees to the following:

Consignor agrees to allow TBC to sell all items checked into the Consignment Sale. Consignor sets the price for each item and whether or not it should be 
discounted 25% on the discount day. TBC's discount day occurs the last Saturday of the public sale.  All items marked "Discount: Yes" will be discounted 25% on discount day.  TBC reserves the right to reject any item that does not meet the standards or may be inappropriate. Acceptable item guidelines can be found at

Consignor will receive 70% (85% on Premium Brands) of the sales price on their merchandise that sells.  A 
$10 consignor fee will be deducted from each consignor's check.  To earn 85% on Premium Brands, consignors must put #P and the brand name in description line 1 or description line 2 for each Premium Brand Item.  Please note that there should NOT be a space between # and P.

**PENALTY NOTICE**  Consignors will be charged a $10 penalty for each of the following improper practices:

 Pants hung improperly (i.e. pinned to bottom of hanger or draped over hanger)

 Use of Plastic hangers ($10 per 20 plastic hangers used:  0-20 items on plastic hangers will result in $10 penalty, 21-40 items on plastic hangers will result in $20 penalty , and so on...)

 Putting #P on the tag of non-Premium brand items (there on only 12 Premium Brands)

 Use of paper (non card-stock) tags or colored tags

 Items left at drop-off not sorted by size

 Shoes prepared/tagged improperly (no shoe boxes allowed)

**See item preparation guidance at

Consignor agrees that any items found WITHOUT a sales tag will be placed in Lost and Found. Sellers may look through these items at pick-up for identification. Unclaimed items will become property of The Boutique Closet after the pick-up period is over.

Consignor agrees to bring items tagged with white card stock (no colored or paper tags) and understands that items not tagged in this manner will not be accepted.

Consignor agrees that only 3 American Girl books will be counted towards their Premium Item count for earning early shopping time.

TBC, Jana Kerley, leaser and/or owner of space where the sales event is held, volunteers of the TBC Sale, and insurer of TBC shall be held harmless, and released from liability with no claims for damaged, stolen, or lost consigned items. TBC will take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage, theft, or loss of items. Consignor acknowledges possibility of such occurrences and is choosing to proceed in the TBC Sale. All items consigned to TBC are at the sole risk of the consignor.

TBC, Jana Kerley, leaser and/or owner of space where the sales event is held, volunteers of the TBC sale, and insurer of TBC shall be released from liability and waived any and all claims for personal injury resulting from participation in the TBC Sale, for all cause, whether foreseen or unforeseen.

Consignor releases TBC for any discrepancies involving items consigned at the sale and agrees that no claims will be made against TBC, Jana Kerley, leaser and/or owner of space where the sales event is held, volunteers of TBC Sale, and insurer of TBC.

Consignor is responsible for ensuring that no item is the subject of any pending or threatened recall notice or other consumer protection enforcement action.

The consignor is not aware of any reason why any item entered into the sale would cause harm to another.


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