· We have moved to a barcode tagging format starting with the Spring 2014 sale.




· White Card Stock must be used for making tags.  If you would like us to print your tags after your items are completely entered online, Contact Us and we can print them and have them available for you at the store.


· To become a consignor, a minimum of 10 items must be entered into the sale.


· Hang items on WIRE HANGERS facing to the left.  It should look like a question mark (?).  No plastic hangers will be accepted.  If you’re having trouble finding wire hangers, visit your local dry cleaner.  We also plan to have some available at the store (10 for $1.00).


· All items should be sorted by size and separated into boys and girls.  Premium Brand Items should be sorted separately so that we can do a quick count at drop-off.


· All consignors must use safety pins (at least 1” or larger) to secure tags on clothing items.  Please ensure the tag is visible to the shopper.  Straight pins and staples are NOT okay to use.  Tagging guns are NOT allowed to be used.


· Pricing is in $1.00 increments only.  There will be no $0.25, $0.50, or $0.75 increments.


· The Item Description should be as detailed as possible.  Please don’t just put pink dress.  If for some reason the tag gets disconnected from the item, it will be much easier to locate if the description has “Chez Ami Pink & Brown Flower Dress”.


PREMIUM BRAND TAGGING INFO:  The Boutique Closet strives to have the best top namebrand quality clothing available to our shoppers.  We want to incentivize people to consign their top boutique brands with us.  The Boutique Closet offers consignors 85% of their selling price on certain premium brands.  Click Here to see the list of Premium Brands. When entering Premium Brands into the new tagging system, print the brand name and #P (note: there is no space between # and P) in either Description Line. See the 2 examples below. The #P can be in Description Line 1 or Description Line 2.




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#P must appear in the box labeled Description Line 1 or           Description Line 2.


Either is fine.

Items will appear in list below with #P in the description.

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